Starting Class Weapon
Melee, None
Rate of Fire
Very short
Very Low
Begins with everyone in the weapon slot
Weapon: Chainsaw; Skill: None
Last Resort/Defender

"The knife is a poor weapon to be stuck with. Conserve ammo"

- In-game description

The knife is the basic weapon that everyone starts with. Due to it's low range, it's only used as a last resort, fending off zombies, and saving ammo. You might as well be happy you have this weapon when you notice your ammo is gone. It is best against zombies and The Infected or any other weak enemies that do not deal a lot of damage. Any other enemies and you might be dead already. There are situations like not being prepared in going in secret dungeons in which you would only have this and everything in your inventory has ran out of ammo, you would need the chemical boost to be invulnerable to zombie attacks and start hacking away. It cannot be found anywhere and is only received during the beginning of the game.


  • Does not waste ammo.
  • Moves zombie back a little.


  • Weak
  • Not good on a horde of zombies
  • Not good on exploders as they will blow up and you will take damage

Most Effective Way to UseEdit

Generally, you want to keep running and don't stop.

  • Running backwards and slicing shoves zombies a short distance back while moving forward, the disadvantage is anything that's in behind you can easily hurt you.
  • Running forward stabbing allows you to free a path, you can't really score a kill.
  • Use Chemical Boost to have a final standoff if it's necessary.

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